On the Path of the Warrior-Scholar & Warrior-Philosopher


Hello!  Thank you for your interest in this blog.

My name is Bill Stegner.  I live in San Diego, am happily married for almost 18 years, have three kids, and a German Shepherd named Ruby.  I have been a student and practitioner of the martial arts for over 20 years and am currently a Rokudan (6th degree) in the Bujinkan.  My wife and I are the founders of Bujinkan Taka-Seigi Dojo San Diego (BTSDsd).

BTSDsd was founded as a place for good people in the San Diego area to come train to learn self-defense, tradition, honor, true discipline, philosophy, and be part of a grand warrior tradition.

I have been a professional warrior my entire adult life and grew up the son of a decorated Vietnam Veteran.  I am currently a reserve officer in the new Information Dominance Corps working in the 5th domain of warfare.

Most of my career has been focused on the manning, training, and equipping of fighting units from a command perspective so my views, interpretations and assessments on Ryu is somewhat different from most.  I have always viewed the Ryu from a more holistic stand-point.  These schools were used by the clans of old to build and maintain a power base.  They were much more than punching, kicking, and throwing with some weapons built-in.  They were complete schools of strategy that enabled a community of people to survive in a violent environment with the consequences being as severe as humanly possible.  I have learned from Hatsumi-Sensei and Legare-Sensei that each technique is an anthropology.  I believe that I finally understand what they mean.

I have been fortunate to be able to surround myself with highly accomplished people of excellent moral character.  These people, my friends and mentors, have encouraged me to write about my experiences and the result is this blog.  This writing is not for self-aggrandizement but primarily to serve as a resource for the students of the Bujinkan Taka-Seigi Dojo in San Diego as they journey on the paths they have chosen.

I know that criticism will come as a result of this blog as there will be differing opinions in addition to the different Selves that are out there (i.e. jerks).  Open debate and thoughtful conversation is very welcome.  I don’t claim to be the all-knowing master of anything.  However, it is important for you to know that I am vetting all of my writing through individuals that possess Ph.D’s, are former or current Special Forces, combat veterans, etc.  So, you better bring your A-Game if you are going to debate!

My policy on jerks, flaming posts, and trolling in general is that I will scrub them out.  Life is too short and time too precious to deal with that.

The focus of this blog is not to be a “how to” of the Bujinkan, self-defense, or the martial arts, there are plenty of references for that and plenty of “experts”.  My focus for writing is to document our collective journey to becoming a warrior-scholar and warrior-philosopher in this modern age we live in while maintaining that essential link to the past.



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